Bali and the sludge of molding the lead frame that has been molded in the semiconductor manufacture and the post-processing are removed. There is a combustion drop type by the brush, the machine type with a metallic braid, and the laser irradiation.

Mark/resin removal device『AIGAMO』

Mark/resin removal device『AIGAMO』

Pet name 'AIGAMO' is a device that installs the laser mark device and processes it to the resin on the lead frame. 
The semiconductor product is miniaturized in recent years, the thickness of the resin that protects the chip disappears, and it in the processing process
 ①The resin with which the element is molded is lacked. 
 ②Damage and the wear-out of punch/Di of the metal mold are early. 
 ③ etc.
The problem is caused drinking. 
It is our 'AIGAMO' to have solved this problem. 
Moreover, it small packages and it packages it the POWER system etc . It is a patronized device to the production of many kinds of semiconductor products including the [heno] stamping.